Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hello, be welcome to my new blog, in fact it`s the same address as before but I did erase all my old and crazy articles.

By now I ain´t got anything to do, so I’m creating this new project i hope you like it and support it.

I was trying to put all my music (that believe me it`s not just a couple of CD`s) into my new computer so I did realize that I have many great Cd`s that maybe some people would be interested to have.

The mayor part of my discography are metal cd`s from heavy metal of the 80´s to Progressive metal, but that is not all I also have Jazz records, classical music and many other styles.

At this time I’m not sure if this project will works because at the beginning I’ll be using the rapid share system and if you have use it, you might know that the link It`s erased if is not used and would be so sad if the links are erased and once again my project will die.

Why I’m writing on English?? I´m not sure but it looks cool, isn`t it??

Well I hope you enjoy my Cd`s collection.Lets begin.


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